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2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw Review
Updated by Review Staff on February 4, 2019

2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw Review

Found in BBCOR | 2016
2016 DeMarini Voodoo Raw Review

The 2016 DeMarini VooDoo Raw is the classic power hitter’s bat and those who can maneuver it will find themselves putting up some serious numbers on the field.

The Voodoo Overlord was one of the best bbcor bats of 2015 and with good reason – the bat drops bombs. But now the all new and improved Voodoo Raw is upping the stakes, making itself one of the must-have bats for serious baseball players.

I keep bringing up this bat in discussions amongst the top in the market this year because it just is. It favors those who enjoy aluminum barrels (as it’s of hybrid construction) but also like to hit for power since the bat also has an end-load.

A rare beast of its own, this bat will elevate your game to higher levels. Hell, this is the bat series that Harper used to crush a 570 ft bomb his sophomore year of high school, and another 502 ft bomb in a power showcase in Tropicana Field.

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But let’s continue on to why this was one of the most highly anticipated bats this year.

2016 DeMarini VooDoo Raw Bat Technology

  1. X12ATM alloy barrel
    • The biggest difference between the Voodoo and the CF8 is the barrel technology which oddly enough makes a huge difference.
    • Whereas the CF8 has a Carbon Fiber barrel, the Voodoo Raw features an alloy barrel. This promotes maximum strength within the barrel and produces a trampoline-like effect that creates more distance and power at the point of contact.
  2. ThermoFused Taper
    • The ThermoFused Taper works to keep the energy within the barrel and insert more energy into the ball at contact.
  3. D-Fusion 2.0 handle
    • The D-Fusion 2.0 handle eliminates virtually all the vibration from the bat by redirecting energy into the barrel. This allows hitters to confidently swing for the fences without the need to worry about getting jammed and possibly having their hands shaken up for a couple of innings.
  4. Low Pro End Cap
    • The end cap on this bat allows for more balance and a smooth swing through the hitting zone. This is essential to make hard solid contact and producing more power at the plate.
  5. RCKATM knob
    • This piece which is unique to the Voodoo Raw, adds comfort to the hitter by providing a better suited knob that they can easily wrap their hand around.

In conclusion…

This bat is great for power hitters who have a bigger budget to work with and are serious about their baseball career. This bat will not only elevate your hitting performance but it also aids in establishing proper hitting habits and allowing the players to step onto the batter’s box with more confidence.

While this might not be of particular importance to some, even a tiny boost like this can positively impact players on the long run as they become accustomed to stepping up to the plate with more assertiveness.

Talk soon!

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