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2017 Easton Z-Core Speed Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

2017 Easton Z-Core Speed Review

Found in BBCOR | 2017
2017 Easton Z-Core Speed Review

Easton is known for the company’s huge collection of high quality BBCOR bats. Easton Z-Core Speed is one of the newest additions to the family. Apart from being an exceptional BBCOR-certified bat, this is also a limited edition item.

Z-Core Speed Overview

Z-Core Speed is a reasonably priced one-piece, alloy construction bat. The item features Easton’s Z-Core HMX alloy. HMX stands for hiperlite matrix, reducing the weight of the bat and increasing its longevity at the same time.

Best Price for the Z-Core White Out?

As we often find, the best price for a bat that no longer requires minimum manufacuterer pricing is on eBay. We used a search like this to find some very good deals.

The bat is characterized by both a low swing weight and a very high speed. The barrel also ranks among the biggest in the world of BBCOR-certified bats. Because of these characteristics, Easton Z-Core Speed is seen as an item for Players who want optimal balancing without a loss in power.

On top of these primary features, Z-Core Speed features Easton’s Hyperskin grip. This innovative feature enhances the grip of the player and it reduces vibrations at the same time.

A few other technical specs worth mentioning include:

  • -3 length to weight ratio
  • 2 5/8 inch barrel diameter
  • A tapered handle
  • Z-Core internal core technology that is needed to optimize the bat’s sweet spot
  • A lighter swing weight index for an explosive contact with the ball
  • 12-month manufacturer warranty

Biggest Advantages

While the 2017 Easton Z-Core Speed is still a relatively new product, it’s gotten a big number of positive customer reviews already. Several of the biggest advantages that buyers have gotten to enjoy already include:

  • Very durable: people that want a bat characterized by an extensive lifespan will be happy with what Easton Z-Core Speed has to offer. The specialized Easton alloy used in the construction and the one-piece design both contribute to the stamina and the durability of this sports item.
  • An excellent price to quality ratio: if you want to get your child a high quality BBCOR bat without breaking the bank, you’ll be happy with this Easton item. The bat is reasonably priced and the durable construction maximizes the return on investment you’re going to get out of the item. According to some reviewers, the performance of this piece is comparable to the one of 400-dollar bats.
  • Excellent sweet spot: all of the technological innovations that Easton has introduced to maximize the sweet spot seem to get the job done.
  • Balanced: the bat simply feels great. Players report that it is highly balanced and lightweight. Because of the excellent weight distribution and the design, the bat feels much more like a -5 rather than like a -3.
  • A lot of pop: according to several reviewers, the bat has much more pop than any comparable item on the market.

A Few Shortcomings

It’s very difficult to come across negative experiences with the Easton Z-Core Speed. Most of the buyers and the high school players relying on this piece of equipment have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with it.

A few of the negative remarks posted about the BBCOR bat include the following:

  • Denting: only a couple of people reported experiencing dents after using the bat a few times. The denting led to a loss in the coveted pop of the bat.
  • Some vibration: every once in a while, Easton Z-Core Speed will catch a vibrate. Still, players reported that the issue is far from a major one and it doesn’t interfere with the balanced and positive feel of the bat. The vibration is usually felt when a ball is caught lower down the barrel and towards the handle.
  • Heaviness: a few players reported that the bat was a bit too heavy for their preferences.

Final Verdict

Easton’s 2017 limited edition Z-Core Speed BBCOR bat is a piece of equipment worth examining (click here to see Best BBCOR Bats of 2017). If you are looking for a reasonably priced and balanced bat, you’ll be happy with what this one has to offer. The barrel size and design also rank among the biggest advantages stemming from the use of this particular Easton piece.

The shortcomings aren’t that many and they don’t really interfere with the performance of the bat. Choosing this piece will really depend on your preferences and whether you’re looking for a one-piece alloy item. If so, this one may be the perfect BBCOR bat for you.

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