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2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR Review

Found in BBCOR | 2018
2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR Review

The 2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR is a high quality baseball bat built for players looking for speed and superior handling at the field. The bat is made from 2-piece composites constructed with a top grade composite barrel and handle.

These two parts are joined together with an attachment piece known as the 3 Fusion, which is probably the most impressive feature of this year’s series of bats. 3 Fusion has removed excessive weight from the connective unit, thus allowing you to have better control of the equipment.

Furthermore, the bat’s point of balance is found lower down the barrel and this provides more power at contact compared to other brands, assuming that the swing weight remains constant while playing.

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The BBCOR’s streamlined body allows you to make transitions smoothly without putting too much effort.

The bat’s end loaded balance provides greater mass at impact.

It’s a BBCOR certified bat meaning it can be used in Highschool and Collegiate Play.

Equipped with Paraflex barrel material which makes it feel lighter than it actually is.


3Fusion Handle

This brand new feature aims to remove vibrations and ball sting when you make awkward swings with your bat. Sometimes taking a bad shot can be painful, especially for those who are new to baseball and aren’t used to such encounters. The 3Fusion Handle will prevent you from hurting your back and hands unnecessarily; even contact on the bat’s lower end won’t cause any sting. Apart from reduced stinging and vibrations, the handle has also been built to be more rigid than usual. This allows for minimal flex when swinging which is great for power hitters seeking to take their best swings yard.End Loaded Swing

The bat contains tremendous power coming from the barrel and handle, it has more load at the barrel’s end which is of great advantage for mashers. Nonetheless, despite all the extra features found in it, Demarini has still made the bat to be considerably lighter to swing thus making it suitable for contact-hitters as well. As the manufacturers say, it provides you a great balance of speed and power.Paraflex Composite Barrel

This material allows you to enjoy tremendous hitting performance right after purchasing your 2018 DeMarini CF Insane BBCOR from the store, you don’t have to break it in before use like other baseball bats. In other words, you can take it right from the shelf to your upcoming game without doing any prior adjustments. Moreover, the barrel on Insane BBCOR has slightly been extended from the previous model, so as to give you a longer focus point or sweet spot for making ball contact more often.

As for player type, it’s an endloaded bat that normally does well for power hitters. However, the bat still has sufficient balance as to find a home in contact hitter’s hands too. Those looking for a little bit extra power with sufficient end load will find it quite appropriate.

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Who is it meant for?

The 2018 DeMarini CF Insane Endlaoded BBCOR is one of the most advanced baseball bats the company has ever created for younger players. Though it can be used by any player interested in a good bat, it’s usually reserved for competitive players at high school or much older levels.

According to the manufacturers, 2018 CF Insane BBCOR is an end loaded composite stick in their collection. The bat is perfect for you if you’re in need of speed through the field zone, or skipping into the BBCOR game. It will help you upgrade your game and performance instantly.


The 2018 DeMarini BBCOR is an advanced baseball bat that continues on the great legacy of superior quality already paved by its predecessors. A lot of technology went into creating this model so that it can be suitable for use by its target group, mainly consisting of competitive high school and college baseball players.

One of its most significant features is the connective piece which eliminates vibration from the handlebar, and also stinging. This ultimately gives you greater confidence and feel at the pitch. Furthermore, the 2018 DeMarini BBCOR has a less bulky construction compared to its competitors, which allows for more accurate dial in swing-weight throughout the bat. This product will make a great tool for players interested in upgrading their game.

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