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2019 Louisville Slugger 919 Prime Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

2019 Louisville Slugger 919 Prime Review

Found in BBCOR | USSSA | 2019
2019 Louisville Slugger 919 Prime Review

Slugger continues to produce a two piece composite bat to be reckoned with. The 919 Louisville Slugger Prime for 2019 class tops out Slugger’s baseball line. The bat changed its connection piece from the Tru3 to the VCX in hopes to improve some durability. But, the BBCOR version of the bat was durable enough. Recommendations and reviews on the Prime 919 follow.

Where To Buy

As always, the first best place to look for a new bat in wrapper is eBay. Sellers have mostly downward pressure there and its a good place to find an under the radar vendor looking to unload some inventory. Bats like these don’t come up off of gauranteed pricing until late in 2018. So, don’t expect to get any legitimate discounts from major sellers before then. Until then, you can either pay full price for the peace of mind or look for something on eBay.

919 Sizing

919 Prime USA

The major piece of news in all of Louisville Slugger (save the Meta 9) is the 2019 addition of a USA 919 Prime. The bat comes in a drop 10 with lengths from 29 to 32. The drop is difference between the length of the bat in inches and the wight of the bat in ounces.

919 Prime BBCOR

The 919 also comes in a highschool/NCAA bat. It is, of course, a drop 3. The lengths will span from 29 inches to 34 inches. Expect the 29-inch BBCOR version of the 919 to be the lightest swinging BBCOR bat on the market.

919 Prime USSSA

The 919 Prime will also come in a 2 3/4 drop 8, 10 and drop 12 USSSA version. Expect this to look just like the 919 BBCOR. This also has the upgraded VCX handle instead of the Tru3. You’ll also see the bats in a very short size like a 28/18. Real great hit.

918 vs 919

The only differences in the 919 and the 918 is the connective piece. They changed from the Tru3 to the VCX. Technially, there isn;’t much difference between the two. They shored up some durability issues. But, overall, the changes are small enough to be unoticable and chalk them up to marketing hype.

Turns out, though, the 2018 918 was a great bat. The 919 Prime will also go down as a great bat. Big barrel, smooth swing on both these bats put them at the top of the class.

See our 2018 Louisville Slugger 918 Prime Review.

919 vs 719 vs 619 vs 519

The Prime, Select, Solo and Omaha are each of the four different types of bats you can find in the non-wood space. The 919 is a two piece composite, the 719 is a hybrid (composite handle, aluminum barrel), the 619 is a single piece aluminum with an extended composite end cap and the 519 is a single piece aluminum.

The only type of bat they don’t cover is a single piece composite. (Oh wait…here comes the 819 or the Dirty South Bat lineup).

Swing weights are close as you can see from the chart taken from Slugger’s site directly.

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