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Baum Bat Review
Updated by Review Staff on February 4, 2019

Baum Bat Review

Found in BBCOR | 2019
Baum Bat Review

If you are new to playing baseball, looking to buy a baseball bat (check out top BBCOR Bats here) for someone as a gift, or just looking to learn more about the game and equipment, you are bound to hear the name Baum Bat. If you are new to the world of bats, below is a Baum Bat review to give you the specifications on the bats that are manufactured and the quality you can expect out of the company’s baseball bats. Let’s start off with learning a little bit about this extremely popular company (click here to see Best BBCOR Bats of 2017).

Baum bats are manufactured by Baum Research and Development Company. Baum Research and Development Company is the top maker of wooden composite baseball bats all around the world. “Baum Bats” are created to look and feel completely like professional wooden bats. They are crazy durable. Research shows that “Baum Bats” are so durable that they outlast other wooden bats two hundred to five hundred to one.

Baum Research & Development Company was informed by the Major League Baseball to be cautious in making their baseball bats too durable. They had to follow instructions that would allow their wooden baseball bats to break when it reached high limits as other wooden baseball bats would do. Baum Research & Development Company is the Neil Armstrong in baseball when it comes to researching and evaluating baseball bat performance. This includes the research and performance of wooden, metal, and composite baseball bats for both, softball and baseball. This company was the first company to manufacture composite baseball bats made with real wood. These bats are the Fungo Baum Bat, the AAA Pro-Model Baum Bat, and the Monster Baum Bat.

A great fun fact is that the AAA Pro-Model Baum Bat, which is patented, is the only real high-tech wooden composite baseball bat that has been approved by Major League Baseball for minor league game use, NFHS use, and NCAA use. The AAA Pro-Model Baum Baseball Bat was manufactured to follow the specifications as given in 1991 by Major League Baseball Teams Personnel and The Commissioner. The parametric quantity became the holy grail for the stipulations of the perfect game bat and training bat for all baseball use. It was called, “The Perfect Wooden Bat”. This parametric quantity baseball bat has changed the face of baseball, not only within the United States, but around the world. It also brought baseball back to wooden bats as it was always meant to be played.

Below I have researched and put together some details regarding some of the baseball bats that are popular and durable by Baum. Keep in mind that they are the world’s leader in manufacturing baseball bats for both baseball and softball. There are definitely more bats available that I have not mentioned either above or below. This is just giving you some details to help you get started with purchasing the right baseball bat for yourself or for you child or even a friend.

Where to buy Baum Bats?

The best pricing we have found on Baum bats is usually on eBay. I found a couple of very good prices, much less then what some major vendors had them for.

The Most Popular Baum Bats Available On The Market

  • AAA Pro-Adult Baum Bat: This baseball bat is manufactured with an adult in mind. It is a composite wooden baseball bat. It is popularly priced with an MSRP of $219.99. I would suggest checking Amazon. You may get a better price there or by doing a search through Google. You may also be lucky enough to find this baseball bat in the more exclusive sports stores, such as Just Bats or a sporting goods store that deals more in the game of baseball compared to selling just everyday, generic merchandise.
  • 2016 AAA Pro-Adult Baum Bat (Pink): This baseball bat is also for an adult and most likely for the female baseball player. It is a composite wooden baseball bat. Male players might wish to have this pink bat for playing in games during breast cancer awareness month as well as women using it. It is a great bat for practicing and for in game use. This Pink Composite, Wood Baseball Bat has an MSRP of $199.99. This bat is a bit gentler on your budget. As I mentioned for the above baseball bat, a better price could be found either by going on Amazon or performing an internet search on Google. Doing a quick search could make this bat even more easy on your bank account.
  • AAA Pro-Adult Baum Bat Flare Knob: This baseball bat is also manufactured for an adult and has different sizes available. This can really help up your game by having a more custom type baseball bat. It is also a composite baseball bat made of wood and is equipped with a flare knob. It is important that you keep that in mind as you may not want a bat with a flare knob. Many baseball players do like the flare knob, so this can be a great asset along with available sizing. The MSRP is $269.99 up to $299.99; depending upon size. Once again, as stated above, running a quick search through Google or visiting Amazon could help save you a bit more money.

Baum bats are extremely popular and the company stands behind their products. You would be hard-pressed to find a better brand for composite wooden baseball bats anywhere around the globe. Whether you are someone who plays baseball or softball on a regular basis, playing in the minor leagues, or are new to the game, Baum Research & Development Company has a vastly popular and durable baseball bat that will fit your needs and help make the most out of your baseball stats and game experience.

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