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Louisville Slugger Solo 618 Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

Louisville Slugger Solo 618 Review

Found in BBCOR | USA | USSSA | 2018
Louisville Slugger Solo 618 Review

Louisville Slugger’s 618 Solo is the most popular baseball bat in 2018. This came about due to a perfect storm of factors. They included the fact the bat was reasonably priced, came in a huge array of sizes, swung light and delivered on a USA Bat version that took the market by storm. In short, the bat fit exactly what the market needed. Reviews on the bat are fantastic across the board. There is a reason it sits atop the best BBCOR and best youth bats list.  Some notes, we add, here.

Best Place To Buy

As always, the best place to find a 618 Solo for a good price is on eBay. You can find both new and used Solos there. Many big time vendors actually release much of their overstock on eBay. As we get closer to 2019 bats you will see the price on the 618 Solo drop even more. You can always check directly on Slugger’s site too.

Price check on Ebay.

618 Solo vs 617 Solo

The major differences between the 617 and 618 Solos is the addition of a USA and USSSA (Big Barrel) versions of the bats. Otherwise, the bats constructions are nearly identical from 2017 to 2018. Sizing wise, the BBCOR version came in a short 29 inch up through a 34 inch in 2017. That stayed the case with the 2018 version. It was also very helpful the bat added a USA and USSSA version in a HUGE sizing range.

Both bats use the same Lizard Skin grip, extended composite end cap and aluminum barrel.

618 Solo Construction

Single piece aluminum bats with an extended composite end caps are not uncommon. In fact, the Rawlings VELO has made that construction design popular for several years.

Removing weight from the end cap (by replacing its aluminum with a plastic/composite) helps drive the swing weight down. But, the aluminum barrel allows for a strong feeling at contact, great sound on impact and greater durability. This design is the halmark of the 618 Solo and, to say the least, has really caught on.

618 Solo USA Bat

The star of the 2018 show for the 618 Solo line is the USA Bat version. The bat came late to the party. But, when it arrived, the need for a truly light swinging and durable bat in the USA Space is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. The USA Version ran a drop 11 with sizes as short as a 28 and as long as a 32.

618 Sizing

  • BBCOR 29 through 34
  • USSSA Drop 10 28 through 33
  • USA Bat Drop 11 28 through 33

618 Solo vs 718 Select

There are considerable differences between the 618 Solo and 718 Select from Slugger. For starters, the bat’s focus on a light swing (618) and an end loaded swing (718).  Second, one bat uses a single piece design (618) while the other uses a two piece hybrid design (718). The 618 has a stiff feel on contact while the 718 feels more forgiving.

The two bats also come in different drops in the USA. The USA for the 618 is a drop 11 while the 718 has a drop 10 and drop 5. The USSSA both have a drop 10 while the BBCOR is, obviously, a drop 3.

The bats are made for different types of hitters. Smaller or base hitter types will like the 618 for its light swing and big barrel. Stronger or home run type hitters will like the 718 for its heavier end weight.

As an example, college players tend to prefer the 718 for its end weight. Highschool players would prefer the 618 Solo.

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