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Marucci Cat 6 Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

Marucci Cat 6 Review

Found in BBCOR | USSSA | 2016
Marucci Cat 6 Review

The Marucci Cat 6 is a sleek one-piece alloy construction bbcor bat built for durability, strength, and pop.

Personally, I’m a rather simple and minimalist person. As such, the design of this bat strikes a chord with me due to its sheer simplicity and how professional it looks.

Needless to say, I think this bat is pretty cool.

Being a one-piece bat, it’s designed for speed and quickness; that’s not to say this bat can’t go yard – as of 2016, the barrel has been enhanced and enlarged for additional pop.

It also dampens the sting of mishit balls in a particular fashion which we will be discussing in a minute.

This bat is also very budget-friendly and we were able to locate the Best Pricing. If you guys find something better, be quick to send me an email.

Without further ado, let’s go in the specs of the bat:

Marucci Cat 6 Bat Technology

  • One-piece alloy construction
    • As we said before, this bat is of a one-piece alloy construction which means it comes hot right out of the wrapper and is built for durability. With each hit, the barrel of the bat stiffens and it becomes stronger.
  • Professionally-inspired extended barrel profile
    • For 2016, this bat’s barrel was enlarged as compared to the 2015 Cat 5 version which was relatively small.
    • This enhanced sweet spot now gives players extra pop in addition to the already quick swing this bat provides.
    • Now lighter hitters can enjoy some more power without having to sacrifice for a heavier bat.
  • Ring-free barrel technology
    • This element is unique to Marucci as most bat manufacturing companies do utilize rings in their barrels in order to dampen the sting of mishit balls as we discussed before, however due to reasons we’re going to discuss next, Marucci did not include it within their design.
  • Patented anti-vibration knob
    • Instead, what they did was design the knob of the bat in a way that would reduce (or virtually eliminate) feedback and sting through a patented technology.

Overall, not much changed from the 2015 CAT 5² except for the enlargement for the sweet spot which now gives players more ample room to work with as well as the addition of some pop into the bat.

If you loved last year’s version, there’s a very good chance you’re also going to love the new and improved CAT 6. With that said, we hope you enjoy this bat and let us know your own unique experience with it.

Talk soon!

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