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Slugger 918 Prime Review
Updated by Review Staff on January 23, 2019

Slugger 918 Prime Review

Found in BBCOR | 2018
Slugger 918 Prime Review

Where to buy the 918 Prime?

The only place to find deals on the 918 prime is eBay…

918 Prime Sizing

The 918 Prime will be Slugger’s most robust baseball bat. Meaning, the bat will come in the most sizes of any of the 4 major performance bats Slugger will produce for 2018. You can expect a BBCOR, USABat as well as several big barrel bats in the drop 5, drop 8, drop 10 and drop 12 range. What the drops will be in the USABat bat range have yet to be seen.

  • USABat
  • Big Barrel Drop 5
  • Big Barrel Drop 8
  • Big Barrel Drop 10
  • Big Barrel Drop 12

918 Prime Recommendations

Although there are some structural changes to the 918 Prime, when compared to the 917 Prime from 2017, the bat will still be intended for the same audience. More specifically, the following characteristics are the type of person that will like the 918 Prime.

  • Like a Lighter Swing
  • Prefer a bat that feels softer on even poor contact
  • Have a bat that feels like every hit is a homerun
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Need a unique size like a drop 8 or drop 5
  • Are willing to afford the expensive bat
  • Play a lot of baseball—as this expensive bat is not made for the typical rec ball player

918 Prime Ratings


If the 917 struggled in any particilar category it was the durability. There were more than a couple of reports that the connective piece between the handle and barrel would become loose. And, upon hitting the bat, you could feel the barrel spin away from the barrel.

If that problem is fixed in the 918 has yet to be seen.​


No one denies the 918 Prime is a beautifully performing baseball bat. In particular, many BBCOR hitters love the use of a 918 at high levels of highschool and collegiate play. Although the barrel could have been bigger in the 917 Prime, the 918 solves at least a few of those issues with the new end cap, new composite and ultimately bigger barrel.

Sizing Options

The 918 Prime gets almost perfect marks on the 918. The bat is Slugger’s marquee bat. It comes in a BBCOR, USAbat and then several Big Barrel sizes. We would love to see a drop 10 in a 2 3/4 too. And the fact it only has one size in a USAbat keep it from getting the perfect score.

User Ratings

Although still very early in the season, early reports show the 918 prime as a very user friendly bat. It is a smooth swing even on the most violent smashes. Every hit will feel like a home run as the two piece composite makes them all feel great. And, a hit right in the sweet spot with some good bat speed should make that ball sail.

Overall Score

There is no doubt that the 2018 Louisville Slugger 918 Prime will be a marquee bat in the baseball space this year. The BBCOR bat should be the most popular with the big barrel and senior bats not far behind. The jury is still out on the USAbat PRIME 918.

918 Prime Sources

Since this blog covers bats before just about anyone else, there is not a lot of information on the 918 prime available to date. We always suggest you check on Slugger’s site directly. Otherwise, check back here often for updates. Our overall BBCOR bat reviews page is super helpful in your search for a great baseball bat.

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