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Updated by Review Staff on February 4, 2019

Bamboo Bat Reviews

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Bamboo Bat Reviews

There are many types of wood bats and composite bats available on the market, including maple wood bats, ash bats, white ash bats, hickory bats, and composite wood bats. If you are unsure of which quality wooden bat fits your needs, bamboo wood makes a great choice for amateurs and professional major league baseball players alike. There are some helpful tips and ideas that can guide you through the selection process. First of all, bamboo wood bats are designed by pressing bamboo strips together to form a single billet and come with numerous benefits. One of the main benefits of bamboo wood bats is that they possess more tensile strength than other woods and even steel. Secondly, bamboo bats offer a lightweight swing with different barrel diameters and are made from composite wood which is mostly bamboo or single bamboo piece wood. They are suitable for kids, amateurs and professionals alike. Bamboo bats are commonly used for practice in bat houses and in college and high school baseball leagues.

If you already know the type of bat you are looking for, you can browse through a collection of bats available on this site and then buy online or visit a physical store. How to choose the best quality bamboo bats for your needs

  1. Consider the turn model. You should keep in mind that the turn features of a bat can determine how easy or difficult the bat may be, in terms of weight, swing, and feel. If you are finding it difficult to choose the right turn model, you may want to consider the barrel diameter of your favorite bamboo bat which could measure between 2 ½” and 2 ¾”. The 2 ½” barrel diameter bat seems to be the best for swinging and holding firmly in the hand, especially for amateurs.
  2. Consider the handle thickness. Ideally, the handle thickness should be around 1” for effective holding and swinging of the bat under different conditions. Aside from kids who may require a slimmer, lighter bat, your average amateur or professional baseball player can control their bats much better when the thickness of the handle is around 1”. If you are new to bamboo bats, a thick bamboo bat should add to your bat’s durability in addition to being comfortable in your grip. The 110 model series is a bamboo bat that has a once inch thick handle and is the key reason why it is so popular, even among professionals looking for additional bat speed, especially when they are in the hitting zone. If you still can’t feel comfortable with the thickness, you may go for slimmer models that come in 15/16” or 29/32” handle thicknesses.
  3. Type of bamboo bat body. In most cases, you may want to consider the ash-wood bamboo bat, as it is the lightest you can find on the market. Due to its relatively light weight, batters love the speed and comfort it brings to the game. The bamboo has a wider grain structure than most other types of wood; hence, you can hit the ball with the strongest area of the bat, which also increases the durability of the bat.

Some of the most reviewed top bamboo bats on Amazon include the following:

The HNBBASA Natural /Black Slow Pitch

This bamboo bat is regarded as one of the newest softball weapons. It comes with quad-core technology that simply allows the ball to jump off the bat, and it is designed from the highest-quality bamboo materials around. This bat is ASA approved and it comes with a 100-day manufacturer’s warranty. Bamboo is one of the strongest materials on the planet today. It has a tensile strength of about 28,000 PSI, and it is preferred to other wooden materials because other woods break easily. As a player, you don’t have to worry about hitting the ball with the wrong side of your bat, because the quad-core technology used in its design ensures that you maintain a proper balance and grip when the bat is in your hands.

The Empowered 2014 Bomber Big Barrel Bamboo Baseball Bat

This bat has an excellent pop and it is an extremely light and strong bat, ideal for both professionals and beginners alike. It comes with great balance, and the barrel is big enough while the handle has a medium feel for a perfect grip. Professionals, amateurs, college and high school students love the Empowered Bomber bamboo baseball bat. The reason being is that it is extremely light and can be held in the grip of the most fragile users. These bats have been lathed, sanded, and painted with some beautiful watermarked and clear-coated finishing which produces an elegant and stylish product that is incredibly smooth. The ultimate balance of strength provided by this bat makes it even convenient. This is one of the most cost-effective bats available, especially for those who want something affordable but doesn’t compromise performance.

The Mizuno MZE271 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

This bat is quite unique in every way because it involves the mixture of bamboo with glass fiber materials at the handle, and the entire body length comprises a bamboo barrel for the best durable bat. The grip on this bamboo has been improved through the sanding of its handle. The manufacturer of this bamboo claims it has more than 30 years of expertise in bamboo bat engineering; hence, the product can be trusted. This bat also comes with 120-day manufacturer’s warranty. The bamboo bat weighs just 2 lb, which means it is light enough for amateurs and professionals to handle.


Finding the most suitable bamboo bat for your needs should depend on other factors such as the applicable situation (are you using it for personal training or competition?) and the price. In most cases, the cheapest bamboo bats are not usually the best choices. Likewise, not all expensive bamboo bats are suitable for your needs. There are some hybrid bamboo bats that are not made from 100% bamboo, and, as such, are used mostly by professionals. For this reason, you need to be sure that, if you are a beginner, high school or college player, you opt for a 100% bamboo bat that feels comfortable in your grip and during your swing. You should also consider the manufacturer’s warranty and any money-back policies offered before making an investment.

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